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Taber Ranch Wine SauvignonBlanc

Sauvignon Blanc

PRICE: $24.00

ALC: 14.3%

NOTES: Fresh and bright on the nose, followed with a burst of citrus led by lime, for a zesty crisp refreshing finish.

Taber Ranch Wine Chardonnay


PRICE: $24.00

ALC: 14.3%

NOTES: With a crisp and clean mouthfeel, this stainless steel
fermented Chardonnay brings a hint of honeydew and
nectarine to delight the palate.


Taber Ranch Wine Rose

Rosé of Tempranillo

PRICE: $20.00

ALC: 14.8%

NOTES: With aromas of fresh baked sugar cookies, our 2020 Rosé is round and full on the palate with notes of sweet strawberries and vanilla custard. This wine is a cracker jack.


Taber Ranch Wine Red

Taber Ranch Red

PRICE: $24.00

ALC: 14.4%

NOTES: This blend boasts soothing aromas of leather and tobacco. Its many layers include brandied fig and burnt sugar. 40% Syrah / 20% Tempranillo / 40% Petit Verdot

Taber Ranch Wine Tempranillo


PRICE: $28.00

ALC: 14.1%

NOTES: Our single varietal Tempranillo is back! Hints of vanilla and ruby port, subtle notes of crisp apple and sour cherry mingle with soft tannins for a pleasing and balanced tasting experience.

Taber Ranch Wine PetitSirah

Petite Sirah

PRICE: $30.00

ALC: 14.1%

NOTES: Introducing the first release of our Petite Sirah. This supple and well rounded grape offers the perfect glass of wine beginning with a breath of spun brown sugar, the taste of juicy tart berries in fresh rain, with a delightful warm finish. This debut is sure to be a hit.

Taber Ranch Wine Merlot


PRICE: $23.00

ALC: 15.5%

NOTES: This County Fire vintage has a nose of sweet smoke with notes of rich dried cherries on the palate and a lingering full finish.

Taber Ranch Wine Syrah


PRICE: $25.00

ALC: 15.2%

NOTES: Bold and bright, this Syrah offers earthy smoke spices mingled with anise, pepper and hints of black tea.

Taber Ranch Wine Petit Verdot

Petit Verdot

PRICE: $32.00

ALC: 14.2%

NOTES: With a soft cherry tobacco nose, this vintage delights with notes of dark fruit leather, toasted vanilla bean and a pleasant lingering finish.

Wines for All Occasions

Whether you’re visiting our tasting room, planning an event in our elegant and rustic venue space, or gifting a loved one a bottle of their favorite varietal, Taber Ranch offers a wide variety of quality wines for you to choose from, ranging from robust flavors to subtle notes.

We’re confident you’ll find a wine that pairs well with any occasion. Visit our tasting room to experience all that Taber Ranch has to offer!